From puppy and kitten exams to end of life care, Dr. Appelbaum and his team in Tulsa provide every service your pet needs for a happy, healthy life. If your pet, sadly, is not healthy, we make sure they’re taken care of with compassion and the best treatment possible for their condition.

Your dog or cat doesn’t always show you signs that something’s wrong. So it’s vital for pet parents to understand the importance of regular checkups and preventative treatments. Your veterinarian can detect potential problems and intervene early when treatments are most effective.

During an exam, we examine your pet’s whole body, including their heart, lungs, bones, muscles, joints, mouth, ears, eyes, skin, and abdominal area. We test stool samples for parasites and may order other tests depending on your pet’s age, breed, and any symptoms. Our in-house lab provides you with the convenience, accuracy and speed you want, so your pet’s health issues can be diagnosed and treated quickly.

And don’t forget preventative treatments like dental care. Just like humans, animals can suffer from systemic diseases that begin with poor tooth care.

Because we care about all aspects of your pet’s life, we also offer behavioral consultations and nutritional counseling to help you ensure that your pet is getting all the emotional support and nutrients they need to be happy and healthy.