A dog and a cat playing on the grass


It is our goal here at Appelbaum Animal Clinic to keep our patients as healthy as possible through all of their life stages!  Good health starts at the beginning. It is always important to bring your new puppy or kitten to the veterinarian as soon as possible. We will perform a thorough examination to ensure that your new bundle of joy is healthy.  During that time, we will start your pet on a vaccination schedule to prevent certain illnesses. When they are young, you will have to bring them in every few weeks to ensure that they are getting the proper immunity that is needed.  We will also start your puppy on preventative medicine. Dewormers are necessary to kill any intestinal parasites, and we will discuss your options regarding flea and tick prevention in addition to heartworm prevention. Heartworm disease can be deadly but it doesn’t have to be – it is easily preventable!

The next step in a young puppy or kitten’s life is to get spayed or neutered. Typically done between six months to a year of age, spaying and neutering not only stops unwanted litters, but keeps your pet healthy. Fixed animals are less likely to develop breast and prostate cancer, and are also less likely to roam and get hurt on the road.  For adult pets, we recommend yearly examinations, which give us the chance to make sure that your pets are as healthy as possible. Our goal is to catch any problems early so that they are easier to treat and more likely to be curable.

We also monitor your pet’s weight during visits. Too many pets are obese, and this leads to other health concerns now and in the future. If your pet is gaining weight or is already too heavy, we will talk to you about diet and exercise.  During this time, we will also get your pet up-to-date on his or her vaccinations. Some vaccinations are only good for a year while others can last up to three years! We will also make sure that you have flea and tick prevention, along with heartworm prevention with dogs.

As your pets get older, it is a good idea to come in more often. We typically recommend examinations at least twice a year. We will perform a thorough examination, looking for any problems. We will also monitor your pet’s weight, along with whether or not he or she is showing signs of arthritis.  Arthritis can be hard on animals as they age and we really can help them. We have many supplements, including injections, that can really improve your pet’s mobility. We want to give your pet as many good years as possible.  As time goes on, we are also here to discuss quality and end of life. We are very compassionate, knowing how hard it can be to say goodbye to your loving pet.

Our entire staff is made up of people who adore animals and understand that they are a part of your family. We are also here to answer any of your questions. Whether it is before, during, or after an appointment, you can always contact us.  If you have any questions about keeping your pet healthy or you want to schedule an examination, contact us today at (918) 940-7770.