Veterinarian holding a dog

Did you know that professionally grooming your pet at Appelbaum Animal Clinic not only makes them look and smell good, but also has health benefits? Here are a few:

Healthy Nails. Properly trimmed nails help prevent discomfort when your dog is walking, preventing poor posture, deformed bones and arthritis. Having an experienced groomer to trim nails also helps to avoid trimming accidents that may occur for you at home with a squirming pet!

Detecting and Treating Ear Infections. Cleaning your pet’s ears can allow a groomer to detect ear infections, and to remove any buildup of wax to help prevent future infections.

Finding fleas, parasites and skin problems. Our groomer in Tulsa can detect problems you may not see, and they’ll refer your cat or dog to the vet for prompt treatment.

Removal of excess fur. This reduces shedding, makes your pet more comfortable and removes allergens from your home. Removing matted fur also relieves skin discomfort and prevents matting from getting worse.

Socialization. Grooming is a good social experience for dogs or cats, helping them to become more comfortable being close to people.

Advice on pet care. Your groomer can educate you about your pet’s health, and advise you on how to keep their skin and coat in good condition between grooming sessions.

We are so excited to meet your four-legged companions and give them the TLC they deserve. Whether your pet needs a nail trim, a haircut, or a bath, we are the one-stop-shop for all your grooming needs. For a complete list of our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (918) 940-7770.