As pet owners, we can be faced with the difficult decision of euthanasia for an ill, injured or older pet. We are here to give insight into your pet’s health, but we ultimately understand and respect that it’s your decision when the time is right for you and your family.

Your pet’s quality of life, eating habits, and interactions with family members or other pets are good clues as to whether it’s time to consider euthanasia. Here at Appelbaum Animal Clinic, we strive to ensure that the euthanasia process is a comfortable and painless one. We use a fast acting, intravenous, anesthesia injection that stops breathing and the heart from beating.

You’re welcome to be in the room with your pet during this visit or spend time before and after. Our staff understands that saying good-bye to your pet is a very difficult process, and we are here to help accommodate you in any way we can. Lastly, we will provide you with cremation and burial options at the time of your visit.

After you’ve said goodbye to your pet, remember to allow yourself and your family members time to process your loss. Everyone has their own grieving journey, and there’s no one right way to get through it. Sometimes people you know, even those who are well-meaning, may minimize your grief. Be honest about your feelings. It’s important to seek out support from friends, family, a counselor or a pet loss support group if you’re having a very difficult time. Please know that, as devoted pet owners ourselves, we understand this experience.