Animal clinic LaboratoryWhen our patients are not feeling well, we are dedicated to diagnosing them quickly and efficiently. We have several machines to test your pet’s blood so that we can find out what is wrong to start treatments even faster! It is our goal to ensure that all pets are as healthy as possible.

Being able to have your pet’s blood tested in-house provides multiple benefits to you, such as:

Getting results more quickly. This allows any needed treatments to begin as soon as possible.

Emergency care is improved when results are obtained more quickly.

Diagnoses may be more accurate, as quality and familiarity with the patient are assured in-house.

Testing and results are more affordable when performed in-house.

Better peace of mind for pet parents. We know that waiting for off-site lab results can add to your stress as you worry about your dog or cat’s health. Faster results put your mind at rest more quickly when all is well. And when a problem is found, you know the treatment can start that much sooner.

Appelbaum Animal Clinic is committed to providing the very best quality care to our patients, with state-of-the-art treatments. Dr. Appelbaum is known for spending all the time pets and their owners need to answer questions and discuss treatment options thoroughly. If your pet’s bloodwork comes back showing a health problem, you can feel confident that you’ll have all of your concerns addressed.

If you have any questions about our in-house lab, or about any other features of our practice, feel free to give our Tulsa office a call at 918-940-7770.